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Maintenance Plans

Premium Comfort Package
Our Premium Comfort Package Benefits:

  • Lower utility bills by reducing energy consumption and waste.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Fewer repairs and improved system reliability.
  • Increased heating and cooling capacity.
  • 10% discount for all members.
  • Peace of mind for you and your family.

Our Exclusive Bi-Annual Premium Comfort Package Includes,as

  • Check and verify system is working at optimum operating temperatures.
  • Chemically clean and wash condenser coil(s).
  • Thoroughly clean or replace standard air filter(s).
  • Wash and level condensing unit for proper motor efficiency.
  • Lubricate motor and fan bearings as well as other moving parts as required.
  • Clean, level, and calibrate thermostat.
  • Adjust and clean blower motor and fan assembly.
  • Inspect and clean evaporator coil.
  • Inspect and clean condensate drain lines and fittings.
  • Inspect all electrical connections, and verify proper voltage.
  • Inspect system capacitors.
  • Inspect system control board, switches, relays, transformers, contactors, motors, and fans.
  • Run system start-up diagnostics.
  • Verify system has proper airflow and air delivery.
  • Verify all safety switches.
  • Verify system is properly sized and matched
  • Verify duct work is in operable condition
  • Inspect refrigerant /(Freon)/ levels, and verify factory specified charge.
  • Verify TXV is set to factory optimized specifications.

Premium Comfort Package Plus+

  • Includes everything our existing comfort packages with quarterly visits

Ultimate Comfort Package

  • Our Premium Comfort Package with additional Parts and Labor
  • Coverage through third party vendor. No out of pocket cost for an entire year.