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Q. Why does my heat pump freeze up and makes noise during the winter?

A. Heat pumps reverse the refrigerant flow during heating operation. Cool refrigerant is directed to  the outdoor coils with it cold out side the coil frost up. Sensors or timers in the outdoor unit tell it to defrost, in witch it reverses the flow to clear the coil. During this time the a/c is running in your home so the auxiliary heat strips come on to help temper the air. If this is the first of the season you might get a burning smell due to dust on the heat strips. Do not panic your house is not on fire even though the smoke decetor might go off.

Q. What is seer?

A. Seer is simply the seasonal energy efficacy ratio generally for the cooling season. The higher the seer the more money you save on utility’s.

Q. What is duct board?

A. Duct board is a in expensive sheet of fiberglass material with outer foil lined used to make duct work. It must be cut and shaped to form various sized ducts for air to travel. When cut it will continue to release particles into the home. Being a pours material it will trap dirt and moisture that cannot be cleaned. The best choice for your home is galvanized metal.

Q. Why does my heat pump seem to put out cool air during the winter?

A. Average output temps is close to your body’s temperature 98 degrees, however gas has a output temp around 120 degrees.

Q. Why do geothermal systems generally last longer?

A. Due to constant temperatures in the earth systems don’t work as hard to heat or cool your home.

Q. What is E-heat or auxiliary heat on my heat pumps thermostat.

A. Heat strips are Ni-Cad coils located in the air handler (think toaster oven) that help temper the air during defrost and when it is
extremely cold out.

Q. Is a programmable thermostat cost effective for my home.

A. The are now required by code on all new installations. They are great if you are on a set schedule for energy savings. Newer wifi thermostats are easier to program and can be remotely  monitored and controlled.

Q. Is it important to have my system serviced every year

A. Having a annual service agreement will help prevent breakdowns and save money on utility bills.

Q. Why are some rooms in the house warmer or colder than others

A. Air flow issues from duct work. It could be improperly designed installed or failed.

Q. What is a geothermal system (water source).

A. Geothermal uses the earths temperature and water as a medium instead of air to heat and cool your home. Here in the low country average soil temperatures range from 65 to 75 degrees. During summer months when it’s over 100 degrees these systems operate much more efficiently using the cooler water. These systems are also quieter with no outdoor fans.

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